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what is the typical local standard commission payable?

Whilst they may vary slightly, generally fees are within this range – $500 [base fee] plus 4% of the sale price up to $400,000 and 2% on the balance above that, plus gst. REFER to “Smart Little Fee Calculator” below, as our rates are a maximum of 2.75% plus gst; and, we are always willing to talk !

what is the smart little fee?

The smart little fee is for Exclusively Listed Properties. It is not a discounted fee it is merely a fee that, given Tracy Real Estate’s business model works for everyone, and Tracy believes this lesser rate is fair and reasonable – let’s say a win-win situation. 2.75% up to $375,000 and 1.75% thereafter [plus gst]. We have a Minimum fee is $6,000 [plus gst] for properties sold sub $220,000.

smart little fee calculations?

Click here to view our commission rates.

is the smart little fee a discounted fee?

It is important to recognise that the smart little fee is not discounted, nor are we a discount Agency. The reason we charge so little is because we have been a bit smarter about the business structure, which is far more efficient and cost effective. Unlike a typical Agency business model, the commission earned is not shared between the franchise company, directors/shareholders dividends, and then the balance remaining between the listing and selling licensee.

the other agency said they could simply get more money from the buyer to cover the difference in fees.

A sale price should not need to be negotiated to a higher level simply to cover a higher commission. It should be negotiated upwards for the best price possible, for the benefit of you, the Seller. I am a very good negotiator, and I am very good at what I do. Any extra sale price paid for your property … should be paid to you.

wouldn’t a big brand company have access to more buyers, meaning our property will be seen by the world?

I have worked in bigger companies, so I can understand this perception, however, in reality that is not necessarily the case. In the digital age, buyers are not brand preferential; buyers don’t care who has the property listed – the internet is their first port of call. The typical statement “we are bigger, have more agents so we have more buyers” is, in my opinion, an empty statement. The right marketing,website exposure, and our strong database will bring the buyers no matter who has the property listed. In Gisborne, in the majority of cases, all agencies are working with the same buyers.

current market share

For an independent Agency, our Agency has secured excellent market share. We are hardworking and have exceptional marketing, negotiating and communication skills, which has resulted in a strong presence in the local marketing … proving A BIG TEAM ISN’T ALWAYS BETTER. You need a skilled Agent that is experienced and backs herself; to negotiate and get the deal done. In the short time that Tracy Real Estate has been operating, I myself, have personally negotiated and sold nearly $100,000,000 worth of property; I don’t need to rely on anyone else to close the sale for you as I know I am good at what I do.

i want to list with you as a “general”

I would not be able to guarantee you the commitment and attention that your property deserves with a general agency. There may be some circumstances, where I consider it appropriate to list a general listing, however full standard local commissions would apply, and any such listing would be a case by case basis. My focus is to concentrate on selling my exclusively listed properties, providing these sellers will my full dedication. Talk with me further about general listings, and I will explain further the reasoning behind this decision . . . in the long run this is in fact hugely beneficial to all my sellers.